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How to change the auto group delimiter in Extreme Management

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TitleHow to change the auto group delimiter in Extreme Management
Change the auto group delimiter that is used to group devices that are discovered

This character is used to separate the values that define a device's Contact and Location grouping in the left-panel device tree. Sub-groups in the Grouped By > Contact and Grouped By > Location folders are automatically created based on the Contact and Location values in the Console Properties Tab (Device). This option defines the delimiter that is used to separate those values into groups. For example, using the default delimiter (/), a device's location defined as NewHampshire/Salem/Closet3 will automatically create a hierarchy of three sub-groups under the Grouped By > Location folder.
  • NetSight
  • Console
  • Extreme Management
1.  Start NetSight Console
2.  Select Tools > Options > Suite Options > Data Display Format.
3.  Edit the delimiter to the character you would like
4.  Click the Apply button
5.  Click the OK button.
Additional notes
This option is not yet in the web interface and must be done with the Java Console.





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