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How to check the wireless client data rates on WiNG controller using CLI?

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TitleHow to check the wireless client data rates on WiNG controller using CLI?
  • To provide CLI command to be run from WiNG Controller to see specific wireless client information such as data rates
  • WiNG
  • WiNG Controller
  • Virtual Controller
  • VX9000
  • NX75XX
  • AP7632
  • AP7532
#show wireless client detail

The output will be similar to the following:

#show wireless client detail

  ADDRESS        : 3C-2E-F9-AA-BB-DD- iPhone
  WLAN           : Extreme (ssid:WiNG)
  ACCESS-POINT   : Name:ap7532-862318 Location:default
  RADIO-ID       : 84-24-8D-86-23-18:R2, alias ap7532-862318:R2
  RADIO-NAME     : radio2 Bss:84-24-8D-B0-EE-10
  STATE          : Data-Ready
  CLIENT-INFO    : 802.11ac, vendor: Apple Inc
  SECURITY       : Authentication: none Encryption: ccmp
  FAST-ROAMING   : Fast-BSS-Trans: N
  DATA-RATES     : 6 9 12 18 24 36 48 54 mcs-1s mcs-2s
  MAX-PHY_RATE   : 866 M
  MAX-USER_RATE  : 650 M
  802.11n/802.11ac : Short guard interval: Y Channel width (capability: 80MHz Current: 20MHz)
                 : AMSDU Max-Size: 3839 AMPDU Max-Size: 1048575 AMPDU Min-Spacing: 4 uSec
                 : STBC: N Transmit BeamForming: N MU-MIMO: N
  QoS            : WMM: Y Type: Non Voice
  POWER-MGMT     : PS-Mode: Y  Spatial-Multiplexing-PS: off WMM-PS/U-APSD: Disabled
  TPC            : N
  PMF            : N
  ACTIVITY       : Last Active: 00:00.02 ago
  SESSION INFO   : Session Timeout: 100 days 00:00.00  Idle Timeout: 00.:30.00
  RF-DOMAIN      : default
  DHCP INFO      : Client Identity: iPhone-iPad Precedence: 7610
  HTTP INFO      : Type: Unknown OS: Unknown Browser: Unknown
Additional notes
In addition to the data rates the 'show wireless client detail' provides many other wireless client specific information.



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