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How to choose the correct ExtremeWireless firmware or software version

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TitleHow to choose the correct ExtremeWireless firmware or software version
How to choose the correct ExtremeWireless appliance and Access Point firmware or software version.
  • Upgrading to fix problems or issues
  • Upgrading to the latest new features
  • Upgrading to be current 
  • Firmware upgrade selection
  • Figuring out what firmware is the best
All ExtremeWireless appliances and Access Points

  • First and foremost:
    • IMPORTANT: Please read the Release Notes carefully to ensure the correct software version is used - there are times when a new Major firmware track is released, but it may not have the fixes implemented in lower firmware tracks.
    • Customers and partners should receive an e-mail when a new firmware or software is released.  Check the firmware download page often through your Extreme Portal Login.
    • On the GTAC support page, in the firmware section, anyone can find the "Release Notes" for the current and past releases. Please read these thoroughly and any questions should be pointed to the GTAC support person you are working with. GTAC is here to answer your questions if something needs further clarification please ask. 
    • Also in the firmware section, the Releases are listed from the highest value to the smallest - for example, the firmware version 10.31.09will be at the top of the list, and the latest 10.21.xx or 9.21.xx will be listed below, so please scroll down until you see the correct version.
    • There is also a section of the release notes called "KNOWN RESTRICTIONS AND LIMITATIONS " that documents any outstanding known issues that need to be fixed in a later release. 
  • To resolve a firmware problem:
    • Please upgrade to the latest software release on the ExtremeWireless appliance, based upon the current firmware line.
    • If the ExtremeWireless network is on 10.01.xx, 10.11.xx, or 10.21.xx, then upgrade to the latest 10.21.xx or 10.31.xx.
    • If the ExtremeWireless network is on 9.21.xx, then upgrade to the latest 9.21.xx software version.
    • This would include those networks where any AP26xx, AP4102, AP36xx are still deployed. Again, as new Major firmware tracks are released, and the older firmware tracks are still in use, please refer to the Release Notes to confirm if the firmware bug was indeed covered in the new Major release.
  • To upgrade for the purpose of new functionality or to be current:
    • Please upgrade to the newest Major track release.
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