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How to Clear the Configuration on a 200 Series Switch Using Telnet/SSH or by Interrupting the Boot with Console

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TitleHow to Clear the Configuration on a 200 Series Switch Using Telnet/SSH or by Interrupting the Boot with Console
How to clear the configuration on a 200 Series switch
  • 200-Series
  • ​All Firmware
  • ExtremeCloud 

Option 1
1. Login to the CLI of the Switch to clear the current running configuration
2. Type clear config 
This command resets the configuration to the factory defaults without powering off the switch.  When you issue this command, a prompt appears to confirm that the reset should proceed.  When you enter y, you automatically reset the current configuration on the switch to the default

Option 2
1. (*see note below) Connect local console cable to the switch
2. Reboot the switch
3. During boot process and AFTER "Stop Autoboot" select option 2 for the Display Utility Menu
4. Select Option 6 Erase Current Configuration
5. Select Option 12 if desired to Erase All Configuration Files
6. Select Option 11 to Reboot the switch

*Please Note: 
If you run the "Erase Current Configuration" command from the boot loader of 210/220 switch it will delete the certificate installed on the switch. Once the cert is deleted,  the switch will never try to connect to ExtremeCloud until the certificate is reinstalled. A reinstall of the certificate can only be done via an RMA.

Option 3. 
1. Login to the switch via the GUI
2. Select the System Menu and from the drop down select Configuration Storage/Erase Startup
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3. The Erase Startup Option will clear the Start-up  configuration upon the next switch reboot. The running config will stay operational until the next system reboot This procedure will not remove any back-up configurations. 
4. Select the Reset button to execute this option. 
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5. The Reset menu option if selected will immediatley clear the running configuration of the switch. The Start-up and Back-up configurations will remain upon reboot. A question will be asked if you would like to overwrite the Start-up Configuration in the CLI If Yes is selected the configuration will be overwritten with the new configuration. If No is selected the original Start-up configuration will remain. 

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