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How to collect Tech Support information from the 200 Series

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TitleHow to collect Tech Support information from the 200 Series
To provide the most efficient procedure for collecting tech support data from a 200 Series device.
  • 200 Series
Since the output of 'show tech-support' is quite large, it is generally most effective to first turn off CLI paging before capturing the output of this command.  
Please first see  How to disable CLI paging in the 200 Series.

While in Privileged EXEC (enable) mode and having configured the terminal emulator for capture, issue the following command:
​show tech-support
Additional notes
The 'show tech-support' command concatenates the output of the following commands:
  • show version
  • show sysinfo
  • show port all
  • show isdp neighbors
  • show logging
  • show event log
  • show logging buffered
  • show msg-queue
  • show trap log
  • show running-config



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