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How to collect WiNG wireless syslog

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TitleHow to collect WiNG wireless syslog
Collect Wireless client logs from rf-domain
  • Roaming issue
  • Wireless Client Association issue
  • Wireless Client Authentication issue
  • WiNG NX Controllers
  • WiNG AP
  • WiNG VX Controllers
  1. Start Putty session
  2. Execute “no page” to stop screen from pausing. (Optional)
  3. Set putty session to log output to file
Putty log
        4. Make sure client is disconnected
        5. Start remote capture from controller.
remote-debug wireless rf-domain default clients aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:11 max-events 10000 duration 86400 events all
Import Note:
default = your RF-domain
aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:11 = Mac of the client having issues

         6. Connect the Client, Make sure the client experiences the problem during this capture.
         7. Try recreating the issue multiple times, just to be sure that we captured the data during the problem.
         8. Now run “remote-debug end-session all” from Controller CLI to end the data capture sessions.
         9. Send copy of putty output to support
Additional notes
Basic info to collect:
  • What WLAN is the client connecting to?
  • Are other devices having the same issue?
  • Is this happening on all WLANs?
  • Does the problem happen in a particular area, at a particular time or throughout the site?
  • Has anything changed recently when the issues started?
Additional info:



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