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How to collect a show tech from an EXOS switch

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TitleHow to collect a show tech from an EXOS switch
Often when working with GTAC troubleshooting an issue, you will be asked to collect a show tech from a switch to provide debugging information. This article is intended to provide assistance with collecting this information when directed to do so by GTAC.
There are two general ways to collect the show tech output: write it to the CLI and log the session, or write it to a file.

Option 1: CLI
  1. Telnet or SSH to the switch, and log the session in the telnet/ssh client to a file.
  2. Type the command show tech.
  3. The show tech information will be written to the CLI, and the resulting session log can be sent to GTAC.

Option 2: Write to file
  1. After logging into the switch, type the command show tech all logto file. This will create the file show_tech.log.gz in /usr/local/tmp
  2. The command upload debug <TFTP_IP> {vr <VIRTUAL_ROUTER>} can be used to upload this show tech along with policy files, the XML config file, and any crash dump information present on the switch to a TFTP server.
    • Example: upload debug vr vr-default
  3. Alternatively, the show tech itself can be TFTPed off with the command tftp put <TFTP_IP> {vr <VIRTUAL_ROUTER>} /usr/local/tmp/show_tech.log.gz
    • ​​Example: tftp put vr vr-default /usr/local/tmp/show_tech.log.gz
Additional notes
In EXOS 15.4 and earlier, /usr/local/tmp was referred to as internal-memory. The command in step 3 above would be tftp put <TFTP_IP> {vr <VIRTUAL_ROUTER>} internal-memory show_tech.log.gz in EXOS 15.4 and lower.

Note that if no virtual router is specified in these commands, they will default to VR-Mgmt (mgmt ethernet port on the switch).

More information on the upload debug command can be found in the article How to upload debug information to a TFTP server

More information on virtual routers is available in the article What is a Virtual Router?

See the article linked below for information on getting a show tech or tech-support from other platforms:
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