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How to collect the Show Support from a SecureStack

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TitleHow to collect the Show Support from a SecureStack
How to collect the "show support" from a SecureStack
  • SecureStack
  • Any Firmware
  • TFTP Server
  • Console
  • SecureCRT
  • Putty
  1. Log into the SecureStack via console cable or remotely via SSH/Telnet
  2. Set up your terminal emulator to record the output
  3. SecureCRT - This is configurable under File and then select Log session and name the file Case#_Show_Support_Switch_Name_Date
  4. PuTTY - This is done under session and logging by checking the log printable output only button
  5. Give the file a meaningful name such as  Case#_Show_Support_Switch_Name_Date 
  6. From the CLI prompt issue the command: 
    show support
  7. Save the logged session output to a file
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