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How to configure local authentication in NAC or Extreme Management Center (XMC) Control

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TitleHow to configure local authentication in NAC or Extreme Management Center (XMC) Control
To configure local authentication in NAC.
To configure local repository for login.
  • Netsight Suite
  • NetSight NAC Manager
  • XMC
  • Extreme Management Center
  • NAC
  • Control
  • Access Control
  • Local Respository
  1. In NAC manager click menu option Tools > Management and Configuration > Advanced Configuration 
  2. Open the side menu for AAA Configurations and select the AAA configuration in use
  3. Verify the drop down for "Local Password repository" is set to desired local password repository configuration
  4. Add a new entry with the following criteria:
  5. Authentication type: Desired authentication type to be used with this rule, determined by your needs. Ex. MAC
  6. User/MAC/Host: Enter in a specific criteria if requred: Ex. Group set to and end system group with specific vendor OU or end systems
  7. Authentication method: Local Authentication
  8. Add in users MAC/username and password into the Local Password Repository defined in step 3
  9. Click the "OK" button
  10. Click the "Save" button
  11. Enforce the NAC appliance
In Extreme Management Center UI
1.  Control->Access Control->Configuration->AAA->Select AAA config-Click on Local Password Repository downarrow and select repository
2.  Under Edit Local Password Respository, Click on Add, or select current user and edit.
3.  You will need to add in details here, most importantly a username and password. Click OK to save

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