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How to configure 800 Series switch to use an NTP server

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TitleHow to configure 800 Series switch to use an NTP server
How to configure an 800 Series switch to maintain system time after reboots by using an NTP server
  • 800 Series
  • SNTP
  • NTP
  • All Firmware Versions
config sntp {primary <ipaddr> | secondary <ipaddr> | poll-interval <int 30-99999>}

Example where the primary server has IP address and the secondary IP address is
config time_zone operator + hour 0 min 0
enable sntp
config sntp primary secondary poll-interval 720
Additional notes
Show commands
08G20G4-48P:admin#show time
Command: show time

     Current Time Source  : Primary SNTP Server
     Boot Time    : 24 Aug 2016  09:58:03
     Current Time : 24 Aug 2016  11:47:24
     Time Zone    : UTC +00:00
     Daylight Saving Time  : Disabled
         Offset In Minutes : 60
         Repeating    From : Apr 1st  Sun 00:00
                      To   : Oct last Sun 00:00
         Annual       From : 29 Apr 00:00
                      To   : 12 Oct 00:00

08G20G4-48P:admin#show sntp
Command: show sntp

     Current Time Source   : Primary SNTP Server
     SNTP                  : Enabled
     SNTP Primary Server   :
     SNTP Secondary Server :
     SNTP Poll Interval    : 720 sec


Date and time is not maintained after rebooting of the 800-Series switch



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