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How to configure 802.1x authentication with internal RADIUS on a WiNG controller

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TitleHow to configure 802.1x authentication with internal RADIUS on a WiNG controller
Configure a WLAN with 802.1x authentication using the internal RADIUS server
  • WiNG 5.x
  • 802.1x
First, create a AAA policy. This will define the wireless controller's local RADIUS server as an authentication server:
  1. Under the Configuration tab, click Wireless > AAA Policy and click "Add".
  2. Name the AAA Policy (e.g. "LocalRADIUSServer") and click "Continue".
  3. Under the RADIUS Authentication tab of the newly created AAA Policy, click "Add".
  4. In the Authentication Server window, select "onboard-controller" as the Server Type. Click "OK" and "Exit".
Next, create a new EAP compliant WLAN:
  1. Under the Configuration tab, click Wireless > Wireless LANs and select "Add".
  2. Name the WLAN and specify the SSID. Enter a VLAN ID in the VLAN field. Click "OK" and then "Exit".
  3. In the new WLAN configuration, select the Security tab. Sepcify the authentication type as EAP, the AAA Policy create (e.g. "LocalRADIUSServer") and select the encryption to be "WPA2-CCMP". Click "OK" and then "Exit".
  4. Map the new WLAN to the AP radios.
Finally, continue the RADIUS configuration:
  1. Under Configuration, click Services > RADIUS > Groups, then select "Add".
  2. Name the RADIUS Group Policy (e.g. "StandardUsers"). Click "OK" and "Exit".
  3. A new user pool will be created. Under RADIUS select User Pools and click "Add".
  4. Name the pool (e.g. "StandardUsers") and click "Continue".
  5. In the newly created user pool, select "Add".
  6. Enter the new username and password. Add the user to the "StandardUsers" group. Click "OK" and "Exit".
  7. The user group must be added to the RADIUS server policy. In the Server Policy tab, highlight the previously created policy ("LocalRADIUS") and select "Edit".
  8. Check the user group ("StandardUsers"). Click "OK" and "Exit".
  9. Commit the changes to the running config, and save the changes.
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