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How to configure AeroScout RTLS in WiNG 5.9?

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TitleHow to configure AeroScout RTLS in WiNG 5.9?
How to configure support for AeroScout Multicast tags in WiNG 5.9?
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Aeroscout RTLS is supported since 5.4.2 on legacy 802.11n platforms.
WiNG 5.9.1 adds support for 802.11ac Access Points AP7522, AP7532, AP7562, AP8432, AP8533.

AP is forwarding Aeroscout Multicast tag info to the Aeroscout RTLS engine. Each radio is scanning on the operating channel. Additionally, WiNG 5.9.1 allows to define Aeroscout engine IP address and Port number.
Previously Aeroscout engine needed to have all IP addresses of APs listed to let them know where to forward data.
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controller# configure
Enter configuration commands, one per line.  End with CNTL/Z.
controller(config)# profile anyap GENERIC-PROFILE
controller(config-profile-GENERIC-PROILE)# interface radio <1|2>
controller(config-profile-GENERIC-PROILE-if-radioX)# aeroscout forward ip <AS engine IP> port <port>
controller(config-profile-GENERIC-PROILE-if-radioX)# aeroscout mac <MAC to be forwarded, default is 01-0C-CC-00-00-00>
controller(config-profile-GENERIC-PROILE-if-radioX)# commit write

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