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How to configure EMC for alert on a failed back up

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TitleHow to configure EMC for alert on a failed back up
  • Netsight
  • EMC
  • Alarm
The following will be done in NetSight Console:

1. Select Tools -> Alarm/Event -> Alarm Manager.
2. Click New Alarm. Provide a name for the Alarm.
3. If you will be sending an email then click on Set Mail Config and provide the mail server information.
4. Leave the Device group blank as we will be looking at a specific file as opposed to a device.
5. Click on the Action Config button. From here you will be able to create a new program action or email action.
For Email Action:
a. Click on the New Email Action button.
b. Provide a name for the action.
c. Click on the Edit Email List button.
d. Click on the New List button and provide a name for the list.
e. Add email addresses to the Email entry-list field.
f. Click on the Apply button and then OK. You will be taken back out to the Email Action window.
g. From the Email List pull down select the list that you just created.
h. Select the Mail Format and Fields to include in the email.
g. Click OK.
6. Once the Actions are setup click the Apply button and then OK. This should take you back to the main Alarms Manager window.
7. From the Action Name pull down select the action that you just created.
8. Leave the Set Alarm Limit check box unchecked.
9. Select the By Custom Criteria button.
10. Click the Edit Criteria button.
11. Place a check in the Match on Log Manager check box.
12. Check off the Inventory selection.
13. Place a check in the Match on Information Text check box.
14. Click on the Edit List button.
15. In the Text Phrase field enter text values for a failed message as seen in this log file on the Console.  /usr/local/Extreme_Networks/NetSight/appdata/logs/inventory.log  The exact phrasing may be different for different devices but some examples may be:

unable to contact the TFTP server
Check that the correct VR
Backup of the configuration failed
Device Unreachable - Check Community String(s)
16. Make sure that the Match Contains radio button is selected. Click on the Add to List button.
17. Click the OK button.
18. Place a check in the box by the text phrase that was just created.
19. Click the OK button. This will take you back to the main Alarms Manager window.
20. Click on the Apply button, place a check in the Enable box (mid top of screen) and then the OK button.
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