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How to Enable Routing and configure IP-Helper on ExtremeSwitching 200-Series

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TitleHow to Enable Routing and configure IP-Helper on ExtremeSwitching 200-Series
To configure IP Helper on ExtremeSwitching 200 Series switch.
  • ExtremeSwitching 200 Series
  • Software Version :
1. Ensure reachability to the DHCP server.

2. The VLAN is expected be layer 3, so the interface must be configured with an IP address,which demands enabling routing globally on the switch.

Below is the command sequence to enable routing,that allows you to configure IP address for the VLAN Interface.
(switch220-48p) >enable
(switch220-48p)# configure
(switch220-48p)(configure)#ip routing   <- this command enables IPv4 routing globally
(switch220-48p)(configure)#end    <- exit from the configuration mode

(switch220-48p)#vlan database
(switch220-48p)(vlan)#vlan routing <Vlan ID>
(switch220-48p)(configure)#interface vlan <Vlan ID>
(switch220-48p)(Interface vlan x )#ip address <ip-addr> <mask>
(switch220-48p)(Interface vlan x )#end
(switch220-48p)#write memory

3. Once the IP address for the VLAN is configured, configure and enable IP Helper address for DHCP server using the below command

(switch220-48p)(configure)#ip helper-address <IP address of DHCP server> dhcp
(switch220-48p)(configure)#ip helper enable
(switch220-48p)(configure)#write memory

4.The switch is now enabled with IP Helper globally and can relay DHCP packets for clients connected on any Layer 3 VLAN on this switch.

Additional notes
Enabling IP Helper on ExtremeSwitching 200 Series is similar to configuring DHCP(Bootp) relay agent that helps clients to get  IP address from DHCP located on a different subnet.

ExtremeSwitching 200 Series allows you to enable IP Helper to a specific VLAN as well-
(switch220-48p) >enable
(switch220-48p)# router
(switch220-48p)(Routing)# configure
(switch220-48p)(Routing)(configure)#interface vlan <vlan ID>
(switch220-48p)(Routing)(interface vlan <ID>)#ip address <IP address of Vlan Interface> <mask>
(switch220-48p)(Routing)(interface vlan <ID>)#write memory
(switch220-48p)(Routing)(interface vlan <ID>)#helper-address <IP address of DHCP server>




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