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How to configure IPFIX

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TitleHow to configure IPFIX
Commands to configure IPFIX on ERS 4900/5900. IP Flow Information Export (IPFIX) helps to monitor traffic flows by configuring observation points to collect flow statistics over a designated time period.
  • ERS 4900/5900
  • All Software Versions
Below is the procedure for IPFIX config on ERS 4900/ ERS 5900.

For the ERS4900/ERS5900 Series, IPFIX supports the following external IPFIX collectors:
• NetQoS Harvester/Collector
• Avaya IP Flow Manager
• Fluke Collector

Enable IP fix Globally
#ip ipfix enable

Enable the IPFIX exporter
#ip ipfix exporter-enable

Use this procedure to set the frequency interval for the export of data from a switch or stack to a collector. DEFAULT : 50 Seconds
#ip ipfix export-interval <10-3600>

Configuring an IPFIX collector
#ip ipfix collector <A.B.C.D> [enable]
A.B.C.D                :              Specifies the IPFIX collector IP address which is reachable from this device {This is the ip address of server }

 To monitor for specific ports, configure per port base as below

Interface configuration:
#interface Ethernet <port>

#ip ipfix enable

#ip ipfix port <port_list> enable

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