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How to configure Identifi Wireless Controller to send data to Purview or Analytics Appliance

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TitleHow to configure Identifi Wireless Controller to send data to Purview or Analytics Appliance
  • To configure Identifi Wireless Controller and Purview to gather analytics data from Wireless Controller (EWC)
  • IdentiFi
  • EWC 9.21.05 or above
  • Purview 6.3 or above
  • Analytics 7.03 or above
  • Extreme Control Center
  • Oneview
From EWC,
1.  VNS->Global->Netflow/MirrorN
2.  Add IP address of the Purview appliance
3.  Use default for Export Interval and Mirror First N
4.  Choose a L2 port to connect to Purview appliance typically on Purview appliance eth1
5.  Save
6. You can enable what roles will send the Traffic Mirror Data via using VNS->Roles->Select Role
See Traffic Mirror, as shown in screenshot below
User-added image

You can further select how to send the traffic over to the Purview appliance under VNS->WLAN Services -> Select WLAN, Select Default Traffic Mirror Type.
See screenshot below.
User-added image

7.  To enable Netflow on the controller WLAN, Click Advanced, and then Select enable Netflow.
User-added image

From Oneview
1.  Applications->Configuration->Select Purview appliance ->select Configuration
User-added image
2.  Add Wireless Controller flow sources
User-added image
3.  Click OK. The below should appear.
User-added image

4.  A save may NOT be needed, but an enforce will be needed. (Orange Arrow)
User-added image

5.  Click on Application Flows. See if you receive flows. If flows are present and application information is missing, make sure the MirrorN interface is setup and connected to the correct Purview Mirror port. If no flows are present, take trace from EWC and Purview appliance.

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