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How to configure a Routed interface on S/K/7100-Series

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TitleHow to configure a Routed interface on S/K/7100-Series
How do I configure a Routed interface on a S-Series
  • S-Series
  • SSA
  • K-Series
  • 7100-Series
  • All Firmware
  • IPv4
  • IP Address
  • VLAN
  • Interface
  • Layer 3
  • Routed
1.  Create the VLAN:
Type: set vlan create <VLAN_ID>
2.  Enter router configuration mode:
Type: configure
3.  Create the IPv4 interface:
Type:interface vlan <VLAN_ID>
4.  Assign an IP address and subnet mask:
Type: ip address <IP_ADDRESS> <SUBNET_MASK>
5.  Bring the interface administratively up:
Type: no shutdown

Additional notes
Multiple layer three interfaces can use the same port by tagging the VLAN
At least one port must be configured for a vlan and operationally up for the interface of that vlan to become operationally up

If the DHCP server is not on the same local subnet/interface. A DHCP helper is needed see the link below for configuration details 

How to configure the IP Helper address on S or K-Series



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