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How to configure NAC for Proxy RADIUS with NPS

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TitleHow to configure NAC for Proxy RADIUS with NPS
How to configure NAC for Proxy RADIUS with NPS
  • NAC/Extreme Control
  • Microsoft Server 2012 Network Policy Server
This article assumes you have a working Microsoft Server Network Policy Server configuration already functional. 

See here for NPS configuration: How to configure 802.1x based Netlogin with Radius on EXOS
  1. Configure NAC as an authorized RADIUS client

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  1. Go into NAC Manager --> Tools --> management and configuration --> Advanced configuration --> AAA configurations and configure the type of authentication you want to be proxied to NPS. This case it will be 802.1x
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  1. Add a new RADIUS server and configure the same shared secret that you have defined in NPS
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  1. Save and enforce. Now all 802.1x authentications will be proxied to the NPS server for authentication
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