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How to configure Natting on a WiNG Express or Enterprise Virtual controller using Swift UI

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TitleHow to configure Natting on a WiNG Express or Enterprise Virtual controller using Swift UI
To configure natting on APs using Swift UI, thus allowing wireless clients to pull IP addresses from an internal pool of IP addresses without affecting the corporate IP address pool. 
  • AP65xx with WiNG Express GUI
  • AP75xx with WiNG Express GUI
  • AP65xxE
  • AP75xxE
  • AP75xx
  • Swift UI
  • WiNG Express 5.8.x and on
  • WiNG 5.8.x and on
  • Web browser: Chrome, Firefox, IE
*** Please make sure you click on the Apply button after each configuration change ***

A - Create a Corporate and an Internal VLAN:
  1. Log into the GUI interface of the Virtual controller
  2. Go to Configuration > Access Points
  3. Click on the Virtual controller AP Name
  4. Under IP Settings click on Add. 
  5. Enter 1 in the VLAN field
  6. We're going to use IP address for this example
  7. Click on the Apply button to close the Add VLAN window
  8. Once back on the main page click on Apply again
  9. Repeat steps 4 to 8 to create the Internal VLAN. We're going to use VLAN ID 100 and IP address for this example.  
User-added image

B - Create the WLAN and map it to the Internal VLAN:
  1. Go to Configuration > Wireless
  2. Under Wireless Lan click on Add
  3. Create your wireless Lan and make sure to enter 100 in the VLAN field 
User-added image

C - Create a DHCP policy for the Internal VLAN:
  1. Go to Configuration > Services
  2. Under DHCP Setting click on Add
  3. Create and enable the DHCP policy
User-added image

D - Enable and configure WAN:
  1. Go to Configuration > WAN
  2. Under WAN setting check the box to enable WAN
  3. Enter all relevant IP address information
  4. Under Nat Interface Settings, edit VLAN 100 (do this for the internal vlan only) and check the NAT Enable box
User-added image

E - Allow the VLANS on the GE port:
  1. Go to Configuration > LAN
  2. Under LAN Port Setting edit the ge1 port
  3. Enter 1,100 in the Allowed VLAN field

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Additional notes
Make sure that the same VLANs you configured on the APs are also allowed on the managed switch ports they are connected on. 



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