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How to configure OnePolicy Resource Profile - add more rules

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TitleHow to configure OnePolicy Resource Profile - add more rules
  • Add rule count for policy rules
  • Successfully enforce policy from Policy Manager
  • OnePolicy
  • Policy Manager
  • Policy Resource Profile
  • Policy Enforce fails
  • Enforce preview Statistics tab shows Rule count in red indicating too many rules
Policy resource allocation needs to be done via cli on the switch.  Re-allocation of resources will allow more policy rules but will reduce other space as indicated in the documentation; this applies to ACL's where increasing rule space will reduce available ACL's that can be written.

The process is as follows:
  1. Telnet/SSH into the switch (or run a command script from XMC)
  2. Issue the command: disable policy
  3. Issue the command: configure policy resource-profile [resource profile name]
    • Example: configure policy resource profile less-acl more-ipv4-no-ip
  4. Enforce the policy domain in XMC.  This will automatically set the policy state back to enabled and will save the policy configuration on the device

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