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How to Configure PIM-SSM in EXOS

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TitleHow to Configure PIM-SSM in EXOS
When multicast streams are intended to be sent between hosts that are in different subnets and across routed interfaces, Protocol Independent Multicast (PIM) should be enabled.  In this case we'll look at Source Specific Multicast, a subset of PIM sparse mode
  • Summit
  • EXOS
  • IGMPv3
Configuring PIM-SSM.
enable ipmcforwarding vlan <vlan-name>

configure pim ssm range <default | policy>
configure pim add vlan <vlan-name> sparse
enable pim ssm vlan <vlan-name>
enable pim
If PIM updates are not required in certain VLANs, those VLANs can be set up as passive.  The command is:
configure pim add vlan <vlan-name> sparse passive

To verify the PIM-SSM configuration, run the following command
show pim <vlan-name>

The VLAN interface should show it is enabled for PIM-SM and further down, it should show that SSM is enabled
    PIM SPARSE Interface[1] on VLAN <vlan-name> is enabled and up
    IP adr:    mask:    DR of the net:
    Passive                   : No
    Hello Interval            : 30 sec
    Neighbor Time out         : 105 sec
    Join/Prune Interval       : 60 sec
    Join/Prune holdtime       : 210 sec
    Trusted Gateway           : none
    CRP group List            : none with priority 0
    Shutdown priority         : 1024
    Source Specific Multicast : Enabled
    State Refresh             : Off
    State Refresh Capable     : No
    Border                    : No
    Packet Statistics (In/Out)
    Hellos               342        507   Bootstraps           5          349
    Join/Prunes          0            0   Asserts              0            0
    Grafts               0            0   GraftAcks            0            0
    State Refresh        0            0

Once the configurations have been verified, the multicast stream can be started checking that the stream is flowing correct is next
show pim cache

Index  Dest Group      Source             InVlan   Origin
[0001] (S)      Default  Sparse
show mcast cache

 Type Group             Sender               Age  InVlan

pim            0    Default
      Vlan             Port        Vid
      Default          2           1

pim            0    Default
      Vlan             Port        Vid
      Default          2           1

Additional notes
Things of note:
  • PIM-SSM is a subset of PIM Sparse Mode (PIM-SM)
  • Only IGMPv3 enabled devices can receive PIM-SSM multicast streams
  • The default SSM range of addresses is, therefore if a stream will use an address outside this range, a policy file containing the correct range should be created and applied to the PIM-SSM configuration
Switch# vi ssm_range.pol

##Example ssm range for, and
Entry ssm_range{
     if match any {
         nlri ;
         nlri ;
     then {
         permit ;
  • PIM-SSM should be configured and enabled on every VLAN with an IP interface that falls in the path between the sender and receiver of the multicast stream



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