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How to configure RADIUS SSH authentication for a NAC appliance

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TitleHow to configure RADIUS SSH authentication for a NAC appliance
Configure SSH authentication to utilize RADIUS to authorize SSH logins to a NAC Appliance
  • NetSight NAC
  • Extreme Access Control
  1. In NAC Manager click tools --> Management and Configuration --> Advanced Configuration
  2. Click "Global and Appliance Settings" --> Appliance Settings --> Click the scheme in use (Typically Default)
  3. Click on the "Network" tab
  4. Enable "Manage SSH Configuration"
  5. Enable "RADIUS Authentication"
  6. Define a Primary RADIUS server. (MUST NOT BE ITSELF) If none are defined click "New" and enter appropriate information 
  7. Define a Backup RADIUS server if available
  8. Click the small green "Add New User" button
  9. Define a user that will be logging in through SSH, do not define a password. (Box man be available, but do not use)
  10. Define if the user is an "Administrative" user
  11. Save and enforce the new configuration
Additional notes
  • NAC cannot authenticate itself. The RADIUS server configured MUST be a different RADIUS server
  • RADIUS server only needs to respond to the request with an "Accept"



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