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How to configure SNMP v3 on S/N/K/7100 Series

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TitleHow to configure SNMP v3 on S/N/K/7100 Series
How to configure SNMP v3 on the S/N/K/7100 Series switches
  • S-Series
  • K-Series
  • N-Series
  • 7100-Series
  • All firmware versions
  • SNMP v3
  1. Enter switch CLI through telnet,SSH or local console.
  2. Using the default viewname
  3. Use example configuration lines to create SNMP configuration changing your username,group, and passwords
set snmp user <SNMP_USERNAME> authentication md5 encryption des privacy 
Please enter authentication password:
Please re-enter authentication password:
Please enter privacy password:
Please re-enter privacy password:
set snmp group <SNMP_GROUPNAME> user <SNMP_USERNAME> security-model usm
set snmp access <SNMP_GROUPNAME> security-model usm privacy read All write All notify All
NOTE: Under the command set snmp access, the "A" in the word "All" is case sensitive
Additional notes

The "set snmp access" line contains read, write, and notify access levels, which are as follows:

  • read= Provide read access to the switch
  • write= Provide write access to the switch
  • notify= Allow SNMP profile to send out SNMP Traps or SNMP Inform messages
To only allow read only of the switch, do not include "write All" in the SNMP Access configuration line

How to gather the SNMP profile from NetSight “Extreme Management Center” or Console.

XMC “NetSight>XMC IP:8443>Administration>Profiles”
User-added image
Console “Tools>Authorization/Device Access>Profiles/Credentia
User-added imagels”



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