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How to configure Wireless Controller in OneView

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TitleHow to configure Wireless Controller in OneView
Configure Wireless Controller in OneView
Netsight  >=7.X
OneView >=7.X
WirelessController >=
Before we begin with configuration of the Wireless Controller in OneView  we need to validate the following 3 points on the Netsight and Wireless Controller

1) SNMP credentials on the Netsight Console has to be configured correctly.
User-added image

2) The CLI credentials tab i.e. the telnet or ssh credentials and specifically we need to make sure that the
a) login password
b) enable password
c) configuration password

has been supplied and it is correct. See below:
User-added image

3)The password for the  "Langley" connection to the controller need to be verified that is the correct one.
User-added image

4) In One View enable gathering of statistic i.e.:
User-added image

5) In order to troubleshoot and make sure that the Wireless Controller has been correctly configured go to:
Netsight Console - > Tools -> Wireless Manager -> Configured Object -> Wireless Networks -> Controllers -> Click on your controller

On that page refer to the "Controller Data Synchronization" field status i.e. it should be "Syncronized". If not read the error that is being displayed below that field.

User-added image

Additional notes
If the Controller is not greed in the Netsight Console do not proceed further until you have not found the reason why



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