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How to configure a syslog server

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TitleHow to configure a syslog server
How to configure a syslog server in EXOS
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Type the following commands:
enable syslog
configure syslog add <ip_address> vr <virtual-router> local0
configure syslog <ip_address> vr <virtual-router> local0 severity info
enable log target syslog <ip_address>:<port> vr <virtual-router> local0
Additional notes
For Extreme Management Center, specify the format as well, with the command
configure log target syslog <ip_address>:<port> format timestamp seconds date mm/dd/yyyy host-name tag-id tag-name

In environments where multiple VLANs are configured with an IP address, the source IP of the Syslog traffic can be explicitly set using the following command:
configure log target syslog <configure-target-ip> from <source-ip-to-use>

In EXOS 21.1 and up, the udp port may need to be specified in the provided commands. The following error message is displayed otherwise:
X460# configure syslog local0 severity error
Error:can't read "udpPort": no such variable
The default syslog port is 514.

Related information:

Configuring Syslog will not cause the switch to reboot.

Syslog from XOS devices have no source IP or device name

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