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How to configure and view 'Port Flap Dampening' (disable repeatedly flapping links)

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TitleHow to configure and view 'Port Flap Dampening' (disable repeatedly flapping links)
To configure and view 'Port Flap Dampening', which is a feature that disables links that are flapping too often.
  • Netiron
  1. 'Port Flap Dampening' can be configured at the interface level, on the interface itself (for ports not in a LAG) or on the primary port of a LAG (for all ports in LAG):
    [no] link-error-disable toggle-threshold sampling-time-in-sec wait-time-in-sec
    • The toggle-threshold is the number of times a port’s link state goes from up to down and down to up before the wait period is activated. The default is 0. Enter a valid value range from 1-50.
    • The sampling-time-in-sec is the amount of time during which the specified toggle threshold can occur before the wait period is activated. The default is 0 seconds. Enter a value between 1 and 65565 seconds.
    • The wait-time-in-sec is the amount of time the port remains disabled (down) before it becomes enabled. Entering 0 indicates that the port will stay down until an administrative override occurs. Enter a value between 0 and 65565 seconds.
  2. Re-enabling a port disabled by 'Port Flap Dampening' happens automatically after the wait period expires; however, if the wait period is set to zero (0) seconds or you want to re-enable the port before the configured wait period expires, you must re-enable the port by entering the link-error-disable command; with the toggle-threshold, sampling-time-in-sec, and wait-time-in-sec variables defined to re-enable the port (using the link-error-disable command without the variables, will not bring the port back up):
    link-error-disable same-toggle-threshold same-sampling-time-in-sec same-wait-time-in-sec​​​​​​
  3. Displaying ports configured with 'Port Flap Dampening':
    show interfaces link-error-disable
  4. Displaying ports disabled by 'Port Flap Dampening':​​​
    show interfaces link-error-disable disabled-only

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