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How to configure a WM3000 series controller to send email notifications based on an event-system-policy

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TitleHow to configure a WM3000 series controller to send email notifications based on an event-system-policy
Configure a WM controller to send email notifications based on an event-system-policy
  • Summit WM 3000 Series
  • WiNG 5.x

From the Web Interface

1. Navigate to Configuration > Devices > Event Policy and Select Add:
Add Event Policy
(Note: For easier viewing of images right click and open the image in a new window or zoom in)

2. Name the Event Policy and select OK:
Name Event Policy

3. Select the desired event module from the Select Event Module dropdown, check the box in the Email Notification column for all events that require an email notification, and select OK:
Select Events For Email Alerts

4. Navigate to the device configuration (or device profile) where you want to apply the event policy (typically the WM controller):
Navigate to Device Configuration

5. Within the device configuration (or profile) navigate to Management > Settings and select the newly created event policy in the Event System Policy field:
Apply Event Policy to Device

6. Configure the email server and account info.  Be sure to add the email recipients to the list using the green down arrow.  Select OK and Commit and Save the changes:

Configure Email Parameters and Commit and Save Changes

From the CLI

Create an event system policy

  1. Enter config mode by typing config
  2. Type: event-system-policy <POLICY_NAME>
  3. Type: event <EVENT_TYPE> <EVENT_NAME> [email | forward-to-switch | snmp | syslog] [default | on | off]


wm3600-4215B8(config)#event-system-policy testpolicy
wm3600-4215B8(config-event-system-policy-testpolicy)#event ap ap-autoup-reboot email on

Specify Email Credentials

  1. Type: profile <WM_NAME> <WM_PROFILE>
  2. Type: email-notification host x.x.x.x sender <EMAIL> {port <1-65535 | security | username <WORD> | password <WORD>}
  3. Type: email-notification recipient <EMAIL>
  4. Type: use event-system-policy <policy-name>


wm3600-4215B8(config-device-MAC)#email-notification host x.x.x.x sender {port <1-65535> | security | username <WORD> password <WORD>}
wm3600-4215B8(config-device-MAC)#email-notification recipient
Additional notes
When configuring the email notification as unencrypted (default) the WM will send a localhost IP ( in its EHLO message to the email server.  Some servers will reject this due to security concerns.  If the email server is rejecting this communication it may be necessary to use TLS encryption (WiNG 5.5.5 and up):

wm3600-4215B8(config-device-MAC)#email-notification host x.x.x.x sender port 587 security starttls username <WORD> password <WORD>

For SMTP server that accept anonymous login, command used is as per below
wm3600-4215B8(config-device-MAC)# email-notification host x.x.x.x sender port 25

No username is required.



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