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How to configure port isolation?

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TitleHow to configure port isolation?
The Port Isolation feature blocks accidental and intentional inter-communication between different customers residing on different physical ports.
  • Blocking Rules: All traffic types received on a isolation port are blocked from being forwarded through other ‘isolation’ ports.
  • All traffic types received on an isolation port can be forwarded to any other port.
  • All traffic types received on non-isolation ports are permitted to be forwarded to isolation ports.

  • EXOS
  • All EXOS platforms
  • Port isolation
To enable isolation mode on a per-port basis, perform the following tasks:
  1. Use following command:
    configure ports port_list isolation [on | off]
    You can issue this command either on a single port or on a master port of a load share group. If you issue this command on a non-master port of a load share group, the command will fail. When a port load share group is formed, all of the member ports assume the same isolation setting as the master port.
  • Use following commands to display the current isolation settings:
    show port info detail
    show port info
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