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How to configure switch as IGMP querier

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TitleHow to configure switch as IGMP querier
IGMP snooping expects at least one device on every VLAN to periodically generate IGMP query messages. Without an IGMP querier, the switch eventually stops forwarding IP multicast packets to any port, because the IGMP snooping entries time out, based on the value specified in host_timeout or router_timeout.
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Each Network/VLAN would need a separate IGMP querier, Just by assigning an IP address to the VLAN would start the switch to act as IGMP querier.

"configure vlan <vlan name> ipaddress <ipaddress>"
Additional notes
You can view the current Querier for the vlan with the below command.  Remember that the Querier is the interface with the lowest IP that is IGMP capable.
* X460G2-24p-G4.13 # show igmp vlan "Default"
Query Interval    :    125 sec
Max Response Time :     10 sec
Last Member Query :      1 sec
Robustness        :      2

Interface on VLAN Default is enabled and up.
    Locally registered multicast addresses:         
    Learned multicast addresses(Last Querier=        

        s = static igmp member

    Querier UpTime: 3 seconds

        IP Fwding  NO       IPmc Fwding  NO            IGMP YES
         IGMP Ver  V2          Snooping YES     Proxy Query YES
      XmitRtrAlrt YES     RcvRtrAlrtReq  NO




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