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How to configure the Skype for Business SDN Manager (LSM) service

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TitleHow to configure the Skype for Business SDN Manager (LSM) service
How to configure the Skype for Business SDN Manager (LSM) service in Windows Powershell
  • Netsight 6.2
  • OneFabric Connect
  • Microsoft Skype for Business SDN API 2.2
After installing the Skype SDN manager service, open Powershell with administrative rights and navigate to the installation directory.

Begin by configuring the management service to forward call data to your NetSight server:

.\SDNManager.exe p s netsight submituri=https://<netsight_ip_address>:8443/fusion_jboss/MSLyncSDN

If the “dialog listener” service is not installed on the front-end servers, install it now. During the installation process you will be asked to provide the link to your Skype management server. This tells the front-end server where to get its configuration from. Replace the “localhost” part of the default URL with the DNS name of the SDN management server.

At this point, the front-end server SDN service knows where to get their configuration, but they are not fully configured. To enable them to forward call data to the SDN management server, you will first need to determine how each dialog listener service is identified. To do this, use the Powershell to list all connected/known listeners:

.\SDNManager.exe d l

You will need to properly configure at least the submit URI for each dialog listener service by issuing the following command for each of them:

.\SDNManager.exe p l <listener_identifier> submituri=http://<skype_mgmt_hostname>:9333/LDL

After configuring each listener, be sure to double-check the settings:

.\SDNManager.exe d l
Additional notes

For more information on configuring the Skype for Business SDN Interface 2.2, refer to the relevant documentation from Microsoft available here.



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