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How to configure the host-name on VDX

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TitleHow to configure the host-name on VDX
To configure and display the host-name on VDX for a specific R-bridge
  • Network OS
  • VDX
  1. Enter configuration terminal mode:
    switch10# configure terminal
  2. Enter the specific r-bridge configuration mode:
    switch10(config)# rbridge-id 10
  3. Set the host-name under the 'switch attributes' sub-tree:
    switch10(config-rbridge-id-10)# switch-attributes host-name newly_named_switch
  4. View the configured host-name for the specific r-bridge using the following command:
    newly_named_switch# show vcs
    Config Mode    : Distributed
    VCS Mode       : Logical Chassis
    VCS ID         : 1
    VCS GUID       : 00000000000000000000000000000000
    Total Number of Nodes           : 3
    Rbridge-Id       WWN                            Management IP   VCS Status       Fabric Status        HostName
    10             >10:00:B4:2D:56:FB:F9:A1*     Online           Online               newly_named_switch
    20              10:00:B4:2D:56:FB:F9:A2     Online           Online               switch20
    30              10:00:B4:2D:56:FB:F9:A3     Online           Online               switch30
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