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How to configure vSwitch properties For V2110

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TitleHow to configure vSwitch properties For V2110
How to configure vSwitch properties For V2110
  • Identifi V2110
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  • VMWare
  • ESXi
  • vswitch
  • VDS - vsphere distributed switch
  1. Login to the vSphere client host network.
  2. On the vSphere client’s configuration screen, in the left pane, click the Properties link next to the virtual switch to be configured. The vSwitch Properties screen displays.
  3. From the left pane, click the Ports tab, and from the Ports list, double-click the vSwitch entry. The vSwitch Properties dialog displays.
  4. On the vSwitch Properties dialog:
    1. Click the Security tab. 
    2. On the Security screen, set all Policy Exceptions (Promiscuous Mode, MAC Address Changes, and Forged Transmits) to Accept.
    3. Click OK.
  5. On the vSwitch Properties dialog, double click on the name of the port group that will be used by the V2110’s data plane port.
  6. On the Port Group Properties dialog, click the General tab, and set the VLANID (Optional) field to All (4095), and click OK. 

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VMware 6.5 allows a group of multiple vlans in a list
  1. Web into your ESXi Server
  2. Open the Navigator Panel on the lefthand side of the screen
  3. Under Networking select, your VM Network (right mouse click)
  4. Select Edit
  5. Enter vlan range 0-4094 for all or a list for example 10, 15, 100-110
  6. Select Accept under the Promiscuous mode, found under Security 

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Why promiscuous mode:
The controller is not an ordinary host. It is performing some switching and (sometimes) routing functions. Hence the unusual choice of virtual switch settings in VMWare. Since the controller is acting like a switch that has trunk port interfaces it needs to receive and transmit frames with many different MAC addresses. This is what the promiscuous mode and forged transmit settings permit. The controller is a VLAN-aware “switch”. It needs to be able to receive the VLAN tags on all inbound traffic and to control the VLAN tag that is assigned to a packet on its way back to the physical network. This is controlled by setting the virtual switches VLAN setting to “All (4095)”.
Additional notes
How to setup IdentiFi Wireless Controller physical management interface through CLI

The controller will drop any tagged frames it receives for which it has no matching topology configured.




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