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How to connect to the EXOS-based switch console via RJ-45

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TitleHow to connect to the EXOS-based switch console via RJ-45
How to connect to the switch console via RJ-45
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It is not possible to gain console access to the switch through an Ethernet connection.

For switches with an RJ-45 console connection (e.g. X440), it will be necessary to use an RJ-45 to DB-9 adapter or a rollover cable. If the PC does not have a serial port, a serial to USB adapter may also be necessary.

The adapter/cables below are provided as standard by Extreme:

Extreme console adapters
Additional notes
Switches that have a DB-9 connection for console (e.g. X250), require a serial cable or a serial to USB adapter. A rollover cable can not be used to connect to an Ethernet port.

Note that the purple DB-9 to RJ-45 adapter shipped with EXOS switches with RJ-45 console ports requires a straight-through Ethernet cable to be used. A rollover or crossover cable should not be used with this adapter.

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