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How to connect to the EXOS-based switch console via RJ-45

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TitleHow to connect to the EXOS-based switch console via RJ-45
How to connect to the switch console via RJ-45
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It is not possible to gain console access to the switch through an Ethernet connection.

For switches with an RJ-45 console connection (e.g. X440), it will be necessary to use an RJ-45 to DB-9 adapter or a rollover cable. If the PC does not have a serial port, a serial to USB adapter may also be necessary.

The adapter/cables below are provided as standard by Extreme:

Extreme console adapters
Additional notes
Switches that have a DB-9 connection for console (e.g. X250), require a serial cable or a serial to USB adapter. A rollover cable can not be used to connect to an Ethernet port.

Note that the purple DB-9 to RJ-45 adapter shipped with EXOS switches with RJ-45 console ports requires a straight-through Ethernet cable to be used. A rollover or crossover cable should not be used with this adapter.

The port labeled Mgmt is an out of band management ethernet port for IP access (configured via VLAN Mgmt in EXOS). This port is not a serial console port.

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