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How to connect your ATOM AP30 to ExtremeCloud IQ (XIQ) via CAPWAP/Back Haul Mesh

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TitleHow to connect your ATOM AP30 to ExtremeCloud IQ (XIQ) via CAPWAP/Back Haul Mesh
This article covers how ATOM AP30s connect to ExtremeCloud IQ via wireless back haul meshing
ExtremeCloud IQ (XIQ)
Generally, XIQ APs will on-board to XIQ via eth backhaul port when they are initially deployed. However, our new AP ATOM was designed to work as a mesh AP to supply the coverage hole in an area where is no available wire cable. So, we need a new on-boarding method via mesh under this scenario. The out-of-box features for ATOM were designed for it. An ATOM AP will act as a Remote Mesh point with default, out-of-the-box configuration, and will connect to a nearby available portal AP to on-board automatically.

To support this feature, both the Portal and the Remote AP need to be running version 8.3r1 or later.

CAPWAP Process

Step 1: There must be an available portal AP(s) (at least one radio needs to work in backhaul or dual mode) managed by XIQ. This is a required precondition.

Step 2: Add the ATOM's Serial Number to your device inventory (Monitor (device sub-tab)> Add).

Step 3: Add a new auto provisioning profile using ATOM's Serial Number on XIQ.
        Note: To make sure the ATOM can establish a mesh link after auto provisioning, we suggest that you use the same network policy and profile that the current Portal APs are using. Additionally, you MUST configure at least one radio
                   as backhaul or dual mode.

Step 4: Connect the ATOM to power and allow it to start up with zero configuration.

Step 5: During the boot up process, the ATOM’s LED status will be solid Amber.

Step 6: Later, the LED status will turn White and blink quickly, which means the ATOM is finding a portal AP.
        Note: We may not catch this LED status because the ATOM may receive a portal AP's XIQ information quickly after it boots up in an ideal situation.

Step 7: The ATOM’s LED status will turn to Amber and blink slowly after the ATOM has received one portal AP's XIQ information successfully.
        Note: The time from the ATOM’s power up to when it receives the portal AP's XIQ information depends on the channel that the portal AP is using. Best case scenario is about 1 minute and 50 seconds; the longest this should take is about 15 minutes. 

Step 8: The LED status will remain solid Amber after the ATOM has reached a portal AP and before ATOM has connected to XIQ successfully through CAPWAP.

Step 9: After the ATOM connects to XIQ successfully through CAPWAP, the LED status turns to solid White.

Step 10: XIQ will push a full configuration to the ATOM after detecting the ATOM connecting to XIQ. At this point the LED status is still solid White.

Step 11: The ATOM should be rebooted now. It will connect to XIQ via mesh link after it boots up. The LED status will turn to solid White.
        Note: Now XIQ APs support full configuration updates without needing reboot when using an auto provision policy, while running version 8.3r1a.
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