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How to create a basic Extreme Control Center (Oneview) script

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TitleHow to create a basic Extreme Control Center (Oneview) script
To create a script for Extreme Control Center
ECC 7.0.x and higher
From Extreme Control Center->Administration->Scripting
Click Add
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Select from screen Plain Text (1), and enter the text below (2) that will be executed on the device
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After commands are entered, click Save As
Select the Permissions and Menu Items for the script
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Select Save and you be  prompted to name the script
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Click on Run Button
You will be asked to select the Devices to run the script against. Select them and Click on Right Arrow -> To move them to left pane
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Click Next, you will have the choice to run as a task , or run immediately. For brevity I selected immediately. The item is still saved.
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Click Next and verify details, that you are running against he correct devices. Then if so, click Run.
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You should see output of settings in Results window. I have ommited actual results.
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