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How to create a custom report with Purview and then schedule it to be emailed automatically

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TitleHow to create a custom report with Purview and then schedule it to be emailed automatically
To create a report in Purview, and then work with Oneview Reports and scheduler to be emailed daily.
  • Netsight Oneview
  • Netsight Purview
1.  The First task is to create a regular report in Oneview for Purview by navigating to Applications Tab->Browser Tab.
2.  I created the below report that shows the measured Application Data in A BubbleMap view, samples taken hourly, and for a time period of the previous week.
    One can change the variables below, and add a specific application as well.
User-added image
3.  Once the parameters are set, use the "Save to Report Designer" as shown below.
User-added image

The following will appear.

User-added image
4.  Give the Report a relevant name, select Application and potentially other checkboxes and click OK.

5.  Now Navigate to Administration Tab, then Report Designer as noted below.
User-added image

6.  In Report Designer, Click on New, and create a unique report name.
     In my case, the report is only one cell, just the bubble window, so one column and row is enough.

User-added image

7.  Click Ok, then a report window Window with the previous name is generated. From Here Select the Report you want to use.
     In my case it is BubblePurviewOneWeek.
     Scroll until you find yours, select it, then hit save at the top, as seen in the previous Report Designer screenshot.

User-added image
8.  Now move onto the Scheduler tab. Click Add.
     The Type will be Reporting, and Report Name is the one you just previously saved.

      You will need to select the Report name to run, and the appliance to run it from, the Purview appliance name.
User-added image

9.  Scroll down to edit email information. Additional addresses can be added by using a semicolon without spaces.

User-added image

10.  Click Ok here, the report should now show up as scheduled and be ready to automatically be sent based on the above time parameters.

User-added image

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