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How to create a location for a NAC/Control rule in Netsight Management Center

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TitleHow to create a location for a NAC/Control rule in Netsight Management Center
To create a location entity in Control in Extreme Management Center for allowing rules to hit this rule for a specific return policy.

Extreme Control Center
In Extreme Control Center
Use Control Tab
Click on Access Control Configurations->Default (if default rules are used or else other rule set)->Rules
Click on the Add button. 
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The following window should appear for Add Rule. Otherwise you can click on an existing rule.

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Click on + button and select New 
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Now add information about the group you are creating
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Click on the Add button
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Add the detail in for the switch or switches you wish to add here, alternatively, ports  or SSID's can be used via the Interface pulldown.
Then click Add
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You should now see the switch added to the group. Review and then hit Save & Close
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The new Rule will appear, including the location group chosen. Keep in mind, a pre-existing rule could have been altered instead.
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Click Save Here, and then note the rule should have a location as a parameter in it.
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