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How to create an ANYAP profile on a WiNG virtual controller for heterogeneous (different) AP adoption

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TitleHow to create an ANYAP profile on a WiNG virtual controller for heterogeneous (different) AP adoption
To create an ANYAP profile on a WiNG virtual controller for heterogeneous (dissimilar model) AP adoption
  • AP8533
  • AP8432
  • AP76xx
  • AP75xx
  • WiNG 5.9.1.x and above
  • CLI
  • SSH or Console connection (baud rate:115200)
  1. Make sure that the AP models being used support this type of adoption method:
Following are the supported AP models: 
  • AP 8533 
  • AP 8432 
  • AP 7632/AP 7662/AP 7612 
  • AP 7622/AP7602 
  • AP 7532/AP 7522/AP 7562 
  1. Observe the adoption hierarchy:
Following are the supported adoption hierarchies:
  • AP 7662/7632 can adopt AP 7662/7632/7612
  • AP 8533/8432 can adopt AP 8533/8432/7562/7532/7522/7662/7632/7622/7612/7602
  • AP 7532/7562 can adopt AP7532/AP7562/AP7522
  • AP 7532/7562/7522 can be managed by AP8533/AP8432 but not by AP7632/AP7662
  1. Make sure that the there is no firmware version mismatch between the virtual controller and APs to be adopted. This will not prevent the adoption process from occurring, but will prevent the config from propagating to the adopted APs. 
>show adoption status
>show version on <ap-name>

All APs should be running on firmware or above. 
  1. Create the AnyAP profile:
#conf t
Enter configuration commands, one per line.  End with CNTL/Z.
#profile anyap <profile-name>
#com wr

IMPORTANT: by default, this profile does not include a VLAN, an IP address, a Zero config IP address and it will NOT be set as a DHCP client.
DO NOT apply and use this profile before configuring these settings or you might be locked out and a console connection needed to reconfigure the AP.
  1. Configure the virtual controller to use the ANYAP profile:
#use profile <profile-name>          (This is the anyap profile you created in step 4)
#com wr
  1.  Create an auto-provisioning policy. An auto-provisioning policy is required for this type of adoption to work. 
#conf t
#auto-provisioning-policy <policy name>
#adopt anyap precedence <precedence-number> profile <anyap-profile-name> rf-domain <rf-domain-name> any
#com wr

#adopt anyap precedence 1 profile AnyAP rf-domain default any
  1.   Map the auto-provisioning policy to the virtual controllers overrides:
#use auto-provisioning-policy <policy-name>
#com wr

Important note:
The BLE radio on an AP 76xx AP does not support “mode bt-sensor”. if this is configured on the anyap profile APs might not adopt.
The bluetooth mode needs to be changed to “mode le-beacon”
#conf t
#profile anyap AnyAP
#interface bluetooth 1
#mode ?
  bt-sensor  Bluetooth classic sensor
  le-beacon  Bluetooth low energy beacon
#mode le-beacon
#com wr
#show context
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