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How to create an Association ACL using Wing Web UI

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TitleHow to create an Association ACL using Wing Web UI
Creating an Association ACL from the WiNG Web UI
  • WiNG 5.x 
  • RFS series controllers 
  • NX series controllers 
  • VX series controllers 
  • WiNG APs (non legacy)
  1. After logging into the WiNG controller Web UI go to Configuration -  Wireless - Association ACL, Select 'Add'
User-added image
  1. Name the Association ACL and select 'OK'
User-added image
  1. Next Select 'Add Row' and enter the MAC address(es) of the client(s) that are to be set to 'Allow' or 'Deny'. Select 'Commit and Save' to save ACL
In the screenshot example Association ACL Mac Address 00-11-22-33-44-55 will be denied association per Rule Precedence 1 while Rule Precedence 2 will allow all other MAC address to associate to WLAN
User-added image
Additional notes
  • There is an explicit Deny All rule at the end of the ACL by default. Make sure you add an Allow all (any-any) if you are creating a deny ACL. 
  • Please contact our technical support team should further assistance be required.  



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