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How to create guest account with username and password in guest splash

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TitleHow to create guest account with username and password in guest splash
Create a guest account with unique credentials in Guest splash
  • Identifi
  • From the top menu, click VNS. The Virtual Network Configuration screen displays.
  • In the left pane, expand the WLAN Services pane, click the dedicated WLAN Service that provides the temporary guest network services. The WLAN Services configuration window for that service displays.
  • Click the Auth & Acct tab.
Make sure the Mode is set to Guest Splash and then click Configure. The Configuration page displays.

In the Guest Splash section, click Manage Guest Users. The Guest Splash Administration screen displays:

User-added image

Note You have 3 minutes to add new guest user accounts. If that time expires, close the Guest Splash Administration screen and click Manage Guest Users again. You can also increase the Start date time to be within 3 minutes of the current network time.

In the Account Management section, click Add Guest Account. The Add Guest User screen displays:

User-added image

Here you can configure username and password, as well as configure other options like account lifetime and the times of day this account can access your network.
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