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How to create heat maps in NetSight OneView

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TitleHow to create heat maps in NetSight OneView
Use NetSight OneView to create heat maps (coverage maps).
  • NetSight
  • OneView
  • Version 6.0 and higher
  • IdentiFi Wireless
1.  Start OneView.
2.  Click the Maps tab.
3.  Right click on World and click New map.
4.  Provide the following information:
      a. Map name
      b. Base Map will be Floor Plan
      c. Environment will be Custom
      d. Import a picture of a floor plan if you have one.
5.  Click Save.
6.  Click Edit.
7.  You will see a list of APs.  Drag these into the map at the locations needed.
8.  Click on the scale to the lower left to set the map scale.  
9.  Use the drawing tools to outline your walls with the wall materials. 
10.  Click Save.

Use the Wireless Coverage menu (located under the main View menu) to configure how the heat/coverage maps are displayed.
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