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How to debug LLDP and LLDP map links in Extreme Management Center

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TitleHow to debug LLDP and LLDP map links in Extreme Management Center
To debug why a map link will not show information on neighbor, assuming that LLDP is configured on both devices.
  • EMC
  • Netsight
  • LLDP
  • Oneview
  • Maps

Can you provide the Network Monitor Cache for each device in the link.
Also provide the ports that are used in the link:

1. Start OneView.
2. Change to the Administration tab.
3. Make sure Level is set to Diagnostics to the upper left of the screen.
4. Expand System -> Network Monitor Cache.
5. Click the Show Device button for each switch in the link and provide the output to us. (It will ask for IP of device)

Can you also provide the output of the following FlexViews for the devices in question? 
LLDP Remote System
LLDP Port Information

1. Start NetSight Console.
2. Select all the devices in question from the Device Tree.
3. Open each FlexView and query the results.
4. Once each FlexView query is complete right click anywhere in the results and select Table Tools -> Export. Export the results in HTML format. Send in the results from those FlexViews. Also send in the output from the switches CLI showing the neighbor information.
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