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How to delete a link within a map in OneView

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TitleHow to delete a link within a map in OneView
Delete a link that is no longer needed in OneView maps
  • NetSight
  • OneView
1.  Start OneView.
2.  Change to the Administrator tab
3.  Select the Diagnostics tab.
4.  Change the Level from basic to Diagnostic
5.  Expand System
6.  Select Network Monitor Cache.
7.  You can clear all devices via the Clear cache button or a single device by Remove Device… and entering specific IP addresses to remove.

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Additional notes
Prior to version 6.3, note that customers using NMS-BASE licenses will need to enter in a NetSight eval license in order to gain access to these screens.  As of 6.3, this is not required.

If they are using a version prior to 6.3 and should application of the evaluation license somehow not be an option, issuing a deletion of the switches to which the erroneous link is connected with the "Delete OneView Data" check-box was selected will cause the link to be cleared upon re-addition of the switches. 



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