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How to delete a port from multiple VLANs in EXOS

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TitleHow to delete a port from multiple VLANs in EXOS
How to delete a port from multiple VLANs in EXOS
  • EXOS 16.1 or later
  • Summit
  • BlackDiamond
Beginning in EXOS 16.1, it’s possible to change VLAN membership on a port for multiple VLANs in one command. This can be done by using a list of VLAN tags (VIDs) in place of the VLAN name. For example:
configure vlan 100,200 delete ports 2,10

Similarly, VID can be used in the "show vlan" command as below:
Switch.5 # show vlan 111

VLAN 111: show vlan blue
VLAN Interface with name blue created by user
    Admin State:         Enabled     Tagging:   802.1Q Tag 111 
    Description:         None
    Virtual router:      VR-Default
    IPv4 Forwarding:     Disabled
    IPv4 MC Forwarding:  Disabled
    IPv6 Forwarding:     Disabled
    IPv6 MC Forwarding:  Disabled
    IPv6:                None
    STPD:                None
    Protocol:            Match all unfiltered protocols
    Loopback:            Disabled
    NetLogin:            Disabled
    OpenFlow:            Disabled
    TRILL:               Disabled
    QosProfile:          None configured
    Egress Rate Limit Designated Port: None configured
    Flood Rate Limit QosProfile:       None configured
    Ports:   0.           (Number of active ports=0)

Additional notes
Although there’s no command to remove multiple VLANs from a port in earlier versions of EXOS. There is a possible workaround. If mirroring is enabled on a port, it will remove all of the VLANs on that port, mirroring can then be disabled again. It is not necessary to have a source port defined. 



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