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How to delete a scheduled firmware upgrade in Extreme Management Center

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TitleHow to delete a scheduled firmware upgrade in Extreme Management Center
Delete a scheduled firmware upgrade from Extreme Management Center.
  • Inventory Manager
  • Extreme Management Center
  • OneView
This will be added to future version of the software.  At this time you will need to work in the mysql database to see and delete these entries.
  1. Open an SSH session to the server. 
  2. Stop the server process: service nsserver stop
  3. CD into /usr/local/Extreme_Networks/NetSight/scripts 
  4. Issue the command: ./ 
  5. At the mysql prompt enter: use netsight 

To see what is scheduled for Inventory Manager issue the command: 

select * from invscheduleentries; 

You should see a line that provides the MASTERSCHEDULEID (that will be used later to cancel the schedule), the IP address of the device and the firmware scheduled. 

If you want to delete this scheduled event issue the command: 

delete from invmasterscheduleentries where MASTERSCHEDULEID=x; 

For example if the MASTERSCHEDULEID from the initial query of invscheduleentries is 4 then enter: 

delete from invmasterscheduleentries where MASTERSCHEDULEID=4;

Restart the server process with the command: service nsserver start
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