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How to delete snmpv3 default groups in EXOS

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TitleHow to delete snmpv3 default groups in EXOS
This article provides the steps to delete the default snmpv3 groups that are present in EXOS
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Groups are used to manage access for the MIB.
Groups are used to define the security model, the security level, and the portion of the MIB that members of the group can read or write.
A number of default groups are already defined. These groups are: admin, initial, v1v2c_ro, v1v2c_rw.

We can either disable these default snmpv3 groups or delete them if we do not wish to use these default ones.
  • Enabling SNMPv3 default-group access activates the access to an SNMPv3 default group and the user-created SNMPv3-user part of default group.
To enable default-group, use the following command:

enable snmpv3 default-group
  • Disabling SNMPv3 default-group access removes access to default-users and user-created users who
    are part of the default-group.
To disable a default-group, use the following command:

disable snmpv3 default-group
  • Deletion of SNMPv3 default group:
To delete a group, use the following command:

configure snmpv3 delete access [all-non-defaults | {[[hex hex_group_name
group_name] {sec-model [snmpv1 | snmpv2c | usm] sec-level [noauth | authnopriv
| priv]}}]
  • When you delete a group, you do not remove the association between the group and users of the
To delete the association between a user and a group, use the following command:

configure snmpv3 delete group {[[hex hex_group_name] | group_name]} user [allnon-defaults
| {[[hex hex_user_name] | user_name] {sec-model [snmpv1|snmpv2c| usm]}}]

How to add snmpv3 users see this article, How to set up SNMPv3 on EXOS
For instructions on removing the default SNMP users, see How to remove default SNMP credentials in EXOS

Additional notes
Use the command, "show configuration snmp detail" to see the default configuration of SNMP in the switch.



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