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How to determine hardware class for S-Series modules

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TitleHow to determine hardware class for S-Series modules
How to determine hardware class for S-Series modules
  • S-Series
  • SSA-Series
  • 130-Class
  • 140-Class
  • 150-Class
  • 155-Class
  • 180-Class
Hardware class can be determined from release notes found here:
  1. At the above Extranet link, click Firmware tab, then click latest release version for S180/S140 (also supports earlier 130/150/155 class)
  2. On the popup box, click the PDF file for the Release Notes
  3. Search for model number to find what class grouping it's listed in
Alternately, looking at the first number directly after the initial letters is the Class as follows (Applies to "S" or "SSA Models"):
4=Access               S130 Class
2=Distribution/Core    S140 Class
1=Distribution/Core    S150 Class
5=Distribution/Core    S155 Class
8=Distribution/Core    S180 Class
For example: SG5201-0848-F6 = S155 Class, indicated by the '5' directly after the 'SG'
  • When downloading firmware, if your hardware is "S130,S150, or S155" download the firmware with "Legacy" in the name
  • When downloading firmware, if you hardware is "S140 or S180" download the image that does NOT have the word Legacy included in it
Additional notes
To  decode the full part number for S-Series, please see the following decoding process:



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