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How to disable auto-time sync on WiNG 5 for Zebra legacy wireless mobile clients.

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TitleHow to disable auto-time sync on WiNG 5 for Zebra legacy wireless mobile clients.
Legacy Zebra wireless clients (e.g. MC9090/MC9190) are able to pull date/time from WiNG 5 access points/wireless controllers. This feature is done automatically from the AP radio beacons using Symbol Element 173. By default, this feature is enabled by default under WiNG 5 WLAN Client settings.
  • WirelessWiNG
  • WiNG v5
  • RFS6010
  • RFS7010
  • RFS4010
  • NX9XXX
  • NX75XX
  • NX65XX
  • NX45XX
  • NX55XX
  • AP8432
  • AP8533
  • AP82XX
  • AP75XX
  • AP76XX
  • AP71x1
  • AP65xx
  • AP6xx
  • AP81xx
By default, WiNG 5 has this feature enabled by default. If on a wireless controller Enterprise UI, the setting is under Configuration/Wireless/Wireless LANs and edit/select the WLAN name. Under Client Settings/Wing Client Extensions, Symbol Information Element is enabled (check marked):

User-added image

If using the CLI (Command Line Interface), using the following:

enable [enter]
config [enter]
wlan xxxx [enter] (x represents WLAN name)
show context [enter]

The following is an example with the feature disabled, otherwise it would not be present due to being a default setting that is enabled by default:

wlan WPA2
ssid blasto
vlan 400
bridging-mode local
encryption-type ccmp
authentication-type none
wpa-wpa2 psk 0 Extreme123
no wing-extensions wing-load-information

Additional notes
This feature works as advertised, but there are wireless clients on the market, including newer Zebra models that use other methods to obtain date/time from wireless infrastructure. If you must disable this feature and wireless clients are still obtaining date/time from wireless infrastructure, you need to consult with the wireless client vendor to see how you can disable this feature on the wireless client.  



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