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How to disable the Smart-rf 2.0 Select-Shutdown feature in WiNG 5.9.2.x

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TitleHow to disable the Smart-rf 2.0 Select-Shutdown feature in WiNG 5.9.2.x
To disable the Smart-rf 2.0 Select-Shutdown feature in WiNG 5.9.2.x,
  • WiNG,,,
  • AP75xx
  • AP76xx
  • AP7432
  • AP7533
  • RFS4000
  • NX series controller
  • VX9000
  • Select Shutdown
  • Hidden Radio
  • This feature is intended for High-density deployment designs focused on 5GHz coverage with the objective of identifying redundant 2.4GHz radios and disabling them, thus reducing the overall CCI (Co-Channel Interference ).
  • From WiNG through, Select-shutdown is enabled by default and because of this, we are seeing quite a few deployments where the 2.4GHz radios are hidden and thus may be causing connectivity issues.
  • Per ECRT (WiNG engineering), this feature should be disabled immediately after the upgrade to 5.9.2.x or They are working on having it disabled by default in all future releases. Deployments with high density of 5GHz radios can use this feature but should configure according to site. 
  1. To verify what state the radios are in, you can run the following commands:
#show smart-rf radio on <rf-domain-name>
AP                       RADIO-MAC       TYPE    STATE  CHANNEL POWER
PHXNOAP291-03-398     B8-50-01-AB-99-70  11an    normal   36w    19
PHXNOAP010-LL-CyprusI B8-50-01-C6-1C-A0  11bgn   normal   1      11
PHXNOAP071-01-118     B8-50-01-A5-8B-10  11an    normal   157w   13
PHXNOAP087-01-162     B8-50-01-A4-9E-C0  11bgn   hidden   1      8
PHXNOAP074-01-121     B8-50-01-A5-78-00  11bgn   hidden   1      8
  1. To disable this feature from CLI, run the following commands:
#conf t
#smart-rf-policy <policy-name>
#no select-shutdown
#com wr
#show context
  1. To disable this feature from the Web Interface (GUI), follow these steps:
    1. Go to Configuration
    2. Wireless
    3. SMART RF Policy
    4. Click on policy name
    5. Go to Select Shutdown
    6. Uncheck "Enable"  box
    7. Click OK (not shown in screenshot)
    8. Click Commit and save (not shown in screenshot)
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